3 Ways to Upgrade and Modernize Your Living Space

If you’ve been a homeowner for a long time or if you just moved into a dated home, then you may find yourself wanting to modernize your living space. You don’t need to go around knocking down walls or changing the shape of your home to get a modern look. Instead, try these three suggestions:


Homes that are carpeted entirely throughout are a thing of the past. Now, it is popular to add wood flooring throughout your entire home. Even more, modernized homes often have dark wood floors. Wood floors open up your living space and create a good flow from room to room, giving off the open-concept modern feel that is popular these days.

However, having only wood flooring can feel a little too empty. Adding modern abstract area rugs can cozy-up a home while maintaining that modern, popular feel. Rugs with different shapes and colors can add a pop and draw the eye into different areas of your home.


For tables, stay away from wooden, rustic styles. Instead opt-for metal and abstract table legs with slabs of marble or granite. You can also choose to find a table that is simply a slab of granite or marble. There are even tables made of just metal and concrete slabs for people looking for the extreme modern look.

The goal here is to find a simple and sleek design, as opposed to designs that look hand-crafted.


For chairs and seating, simplicity is key. For couches, go for sleek style without too much plush cushioning.

modern abstract area rugs

Similarly, go for something simple for arm chairs, as well. Gone are the days of the overstuffed plush leather or fabric arm chair. In general, stay away from leather arm chairs, all together. Instead, look for arm chair with four thin wooden or metal legs and a simple fabric cushion.