Delightful Looking Canopies And Pergolas

custom pergola canopy

Just note quickly that canopies and pergolas are not quite the same thing. But yes, it would be quite lovely to be having a bit of both for your home or your business. And for convenience’s sake, all you need do is go in with a custom pergola canopy serviceable spread. But before you get carried away with its looks, do consider carefully what you should or could be using a pergola, or a canopy, or both, for in the practical sense.  

If you have a driveway but no garage in which to park your car, then you definitely need a canopy. You have no idea what damage the sun’s UV rays can do to your car. And then there is still the rain, hail and snow, if it happens out your way. Rust and corrosion is an unpleasant expense. Repairing rust and other exterior damage would not have been necessary had you sheltered your car with a custom built canopy.

A custom built canopy can also be prepared for your front or back of the house porch. The same reasons for wanting to do this. You want to keep the sunlight and the weather out. Now, not too many homeowners go in for the majestic pergola, but commercial business owners, on the other hand, have considered this. Unfortunately, your property may be just too small and there simply is just not enough practical space.

But you should not let that deter or despair you. There are other alternatives. The pergola is perfect for the commercial space. It can be either a permanent or temporary fixture, perfect for hosting promotional work. But for actual production, many businesses using open lots will be using canopies. They certainly will be using them to park their customers’ cars.