What To Do When Given A Few Cheap Planks

Here is a short storyboard of ideas. It poses this question. What would you do if you were to be given a few cheap planks? The reason given, well, perhaps no reasons are given. The tricky delivery challenges you to do with it as you will. Now, you look and stare at these planks long and hard enough and then it comes to you. These planks could be perfect for laying out a new wooden floor. But after gazing over the online presentation of the monarch plank windsor collection, you come to the conclusion that this is going to be a bridge too far for you.

It would be nice to have this floor, but no, you could not lay it down even if you tried. You might be able to build a shed out at the back of your property with these planks, but you are not skilled enough to lay out a new floor. This is a highly specialized job and it needs to be handled by qualified and seasoned artisans. The work may well be technical but there is a lot of artwork that goes into it as well. All planks to be prepared and laid down for flooring purposes could very easily be handled by machinery these days.

monarch plank windsor collection

But no, there is a deliberate preference to do this work by hand. It is very much line with the work that the bespoke carpenters and cabinet makers out there will be doing. You might be able to build a shed or try this. Try putting in a treehouse for your kids. Easy to build on the ground but try putting the little shed into the tree. Not so easy, yes? But maybe they can. No harm in asking them though.